Hanover Electrical Equipment Appliance and Component Manufacturing

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Electrical Contacts Ltd.

Hanover, Ontario
Telephone: (519) 364-1878

Electrial Contacts Limited, (ECL) was founded in 1970, in Ontario, Canada as a manufacturer devoted exclusively to the production of precious metal contact materials. Our Steering Committee ...
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Leeson Canada Inc

Hanover, Ontario
Telephone: 519-364-6024
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Industries in the Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing subsector manufacture products that generate, distribute and use electrical power. Electric Lighting Equipment Manufacturing establishments produce electric lamp bulbs, lighting fixtures, and parts. Household Appliance Manufacturing establishments make both small and major electrical appliances and parts. Electrical Equipment Manufacturing establishments make goods, such as electric motors, generators, transformers, and switchgear apparatus. Other Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing establishments make devices for storing electrical power (e.g., batteries), for transmitting electricity (e.g., insulated wire), and wiring devices (e.g., electrical outlets, fuse boxes, and light switches).