Hanover Professional Scientific and Technical Services

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Pioneer Snack Express #241

Hanover, Ontario
Telephone: (519) 364-1247

As a diverse company we specialize in Human Resouce Consulting but also maintain a Retail Gas Station and Convenience StoreGas Station and Convenience Store , Human Resource Consulting , Interior ...
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Crockford & Duffy

Hanover, Ontario
Telephone: 519-364-1440
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Dean Leifso Barrister

Hanover, Ontario
Telephone: 519-364-5800
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Halpin & Mcmeeken

Hanover, Ontario
Telephone: 519-364-5505
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Bdo Dunwoody

Hanover, Ontario
Telephone: 519-364-3790
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Dawley Engineering

Hanover, Ontario
Telephone: 519-364-7837
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Gordon Mac Kay

Hanover, Ontario
Telephone: 519-364-6400
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Hanover Veterinary Hospital

Hanover, Ontario
Telephone: 519-364-6772
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Market Grey-bruce

Hanover, Ontario
Telephone: 519-353-7205
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Medigas Inc

Hanover, Ontario
Telephone: 519-364-1148
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Robert W Garcia

Hanover, Ontario
Telephone: 519-364-3643
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Stephen Barker

Hanover, Ontario
Telephone: 519-364-4720
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Ymca Employment Svc

Hanover, Ontario
Telephone: 519-364-3163
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Davis George A & Associates

Hanover, Ontario
Telephone: 519-364-5700
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Industries in the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services subsector group establishments engaged in processes where human capital is the major input. These establishments make available the knowledge and skills of their employees, often on an assignment basis, where an individual or team is responsible for the delivery of services to the client. The individual industries of this subsector are defined on the basis of the particular expertise and training of the services provider. The distinguishing feature of the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services subsector is the fact that most of the industries grouped in it have production processes that are almost wholly dependent on worker skills. In most of these industries, equipment and materials are not of major importance, unlike health care, for example, where "high tech" machines and materials are important collaborating inputs to labor skills in the production of health care. Thus, the establishments classified in this subsector sell expertise. Much of the expertise requires degrees, though not in every case.